H.I.S. T-Shirt Special Edition: Habitat For Humanities

Limited Edition of H.I.S. T-Shirt

Buy your T-Shirt for 20 Euros and support Habitat For Humanities!

SALE: 25th- 26th June (limited amount of T-Shirts)

All the students of H.I.S. drew a picture of their house that was put onto our school logo. Now you have the chance to purchase the shirt with this unique design on it!

Proceeds will be going towards funding the Habitat For Humanity trip. Some grade 11 students are currently on this trip, and are building a house for a family in need.

Early Primary Students Out And About

Field Trip to Jugendhof

We went on a field trip to the Jugendhof in Heidelberg. This is an open farm where children can come and take care of the different farm animals.

EP students learned how to feed a sheep and how the lamb’s wool protects the sheep from the rain.

They made butter themselves and enjoyed it on bread. They took care of a pony and cleaned it.

The students also enjoyed feeding the rabbits and guinea pigs. It was a great experience for them and a fun day.


text & photos: SST

Habitat For Humanity Project 2018

The team wishes to thank everyone who has supported their fundraising with such generosity!

We raised over 6,000 Euros for a social housing project in a village in Poland, and on Saturday 16th June we travel to Poland to start work on the building site there. We will be there for a full week. We are all really excited to be part of this very first Habitat for Humanity project at H.I.S.

The model house with all your names on it looks amazing! Here are some pictures from our final bake sale.

 Grade 11 students

Moving On

SST Transition Workshop

Transitions include leaving, and most of us are leaving something or someone behind at some point in time. We may be leaving a phase in our life, the Primary School, a job, or moving on to universities.

We may be moving away from friends, jobs, Europe, or family. In any case, there might be worries, stress, sadness and loss that come along with any transition.

At the “Thank You” Coffee Morning we talked about building a R.A.F.T. to float us safely on our way to new horizons.

Guest speaker, Iñigo, grade 10, is transitioning into the Diploma Program and shared the video he made on this topic for his Personal Project. Iñigo shared his personal experiences as well and was available for questions after presenting his film. (Watch his film on the H.I.S. Facebook page)

Participants were invited to share their ideas and experiences and added them to our R.A.F.T. posters:

This is how to build your R.A.F.T.:


Even if you have the urge to avoid pain by breaking connections, walking away from lingering resentments will not make them go away. Even if the other person is not able to hear it, your heart will be more content and ready to move on.


Let those who walked with you for this part of your life journey know how much you appreciated them.


Take the time to say good-bye. Plan it, celebrate it, build connections that will travel with you.

Think Destination

Visualize your new adventure. Prepare yourself and enjoy the anticipation and excitement of starting a new journey.

Many thanks to Iñigo and to all participants of the workshop!



workshop: Susan Hoeck-Bühler, Learning Support Coordinator; Iñigo Grade 10

text: SHB

photos: AS

“Fiesta Like There Is No Mañana”

Appreciation Lunch For H.I.S. Staff

A huge THANK YOU to the PTG and CVCs for organising a fantastic Mexican lunch today. The Fiesta was a wonderful treat for H.I.S. staff. Many thanks also to the students who had contributed by writing notes of appreciation for their teachers. We were very touched by the kind messages and the delicious food. Thank you! Vielen Dank! Gracias!

text: AS, photos: Jill, Sam, Lori-Beth, Anke

CAS Football Tournament

One of our long term projects for the CAS programme is being a volunteer for the Habitat for Humanity Project. As a group for the Habitat for Humanity Trip we had to raise approximately 6500 euros in total in order to be able to take part in the organizations’ project, which is to construct a house for a family who is in need near Warsaw Poland. In order to be able to raise money we have done various bake sales and a movie night. Illya and I decided to fundraise money through a Football tournament for the MYP students.

With each of the volunteers paying a certain amount of money to take part in the football tournament we were able to raise over 70 euros. This money was a contribution towards our fundraising goal. The tournament took place on the 25th of May after school. We would like to thank every volunteer from the MYP who participated in the tournament.

text & photos: Aykut

Confident And Knowledgeable Presenters

Grade 4 Genre Book Project

Grade 4 has celebrated their final Genre Book Project and we are proud of all of their hard work. Throughout the year, students have been reading across a variety of genres and presenting projects as they take on the role of book dealers. Their goal has been be to convince their audience to read the book as well. With enthusiasm and creativity, students have become more knowledge, creative and confident. We congratulate Grade 4 in all of their hard work and the amazing progress they’ve made this year. We also thank Grade 4 parents for all of your support. We all had so much fun as we watched parents and students go head-to-head in a genre trivia game. The winners definitely gets bragging rights!

text: FW, photos: AS

“Days in The Sun”

H.I.S. Band Featuring Mercy P.

Following the successful launch of Grade 10 student Mercy’s song ‘Days in the Sun’ at the Personal Project evening, the school band decided they would like to bring her music to a wider audience and, together with band leader Frederick Weber, they have been working on an arrangement of the song.

The band teamed up with local musician and former H.I.S. Performing Arts teacher Dominik Baer to record the song and then played it for family and friends in an intimate post-recording concert at school. Going through the process of recording a song was a new experience for many of the band members.

It required a lot of concentration and perseverance to put down the track to the highest possible standard. The song is now being mixed by Dominik and Frederick and we hope to hear the final track before the end of the school year. A big thank you to the band for their playing, and to Dominik and Frederick for making this exciting project possible!

text & photos: NP

“Thank you” Coffee

As we look back over the last school year, we are very aware of the importance of a strong partnership between parents and the staff. Seeking to provide the appropriate support to meet the needs of the students – whether a listening ear, a word of encouragement or celebrating together … is more successful when caring individuals unite. Thank you!

Kathleen Macdonald