Environment Week 2018

 A big THANK YOU to all of you who participated in Environment Week

  • On Meat Free Monday you ate and cooked more sustainably!
  • During Self-Powered to School you saved about 25,000 grams of Co2 emissions!
  • During the Printer Strike you used less paper!
  • During Turn Off Time each day we saved 0.69 kilograms of carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour of electricity!
  • You made personal pledges on the Pledge Tree!
  • You considered your use of plastic throughout the week and at the Package Free Picnic!
  • You created a beautiful Mandala on the rooftop together!
  • You performed at the Street Arts Festival and raised 70 Euros to help local wildlife!
  • You gave money for the Tree Fundraiser which aims to replace the tree lost on the playground!
  • You gave an Environment Workshop to the school community!
  • You produced Environment Posters in German and in Science!
  • You sang in Spanish!
  • And more …

Well done H.I.S.  We can be part of the solution! Keep On Thinking, Keep On Taking Positive Action!

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Ladybugs And Best Wishes

Last Day of School for Grade 12

The ladybug is a symbol of luck. In German it’s called Marienkäfer and popular legend has it that the bug is a gift – especially for farmers, seeing as ladybugs eat up aphids and other crop-chomping pests. So when they saw ladybugs crawling up and down the cornstalks or whizzing from one tree to another in the orchard, they were more likely to have a bountiful harvest.

Ladybugs can have up to seven black spots on their red wings and in many countries the number 7 is considered lucky. To this day many people believe you’re in luck when a ladybug lands on you! And I believe that if that Ladybug is made out of German chocolate then you are extra lucky!

Today was the last day of class for our Grade 12 students so we wanted to wish good luck to Leah, Jan, Robert, Aaisha, Surya, Yann, Benita, Vivien, Rony, Tom, Rasmus, Becca, Felix, Tyra, Ellen, Franzi, Judyta and Ryo.

Our youngest students in Early Primary made some good luck cards for our oldest students in Gr 12 and presented each one with a chocolate Marienkäfer to wish them extra good luck with their IB exams starting next week.

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How Can Tourists Reduce Trash?

Trash and waste are an increasing problem in today’s world. An average of 300 million tonnes of plastic are made each year, and this is continuing to grow as the population of the world increases.

A very particular time when people tend to increase their carbon footprint and plastic usage is when doing tourism. As a tourist, you need to eat and stay hydrated throughout the day, and the easiest way to do this is by buying a bag of chips and a plastic water bottle. This is damaging the world because although one tourist may not be doing much harm by him/herself, when you add up all the waste disposed of by all the tourists in the world, it gives you an incredibly large number.

We need to start reducing the amount of plastic we use and start minding what we do with our trash. This video will give you a showing of how bad the problem really is along with some solutions for the problem. We hope you enjoy and learn something from it!-

Taylor & Inigo 

Watch our film on youtube:


Take part in our survey:


Podcast: Consumption of Plastic

For our Grade 10 design project, we have created a podcast about plastic consumption and its impact on the environment. In the podcast, we explain a few ways to limit your plastic consumption while at home and on the road. Our goal is to introduce the role of plastic in our lives and inspire the H.I.S community to help preserve the environment.

The podcast and transcript is located below this text. After listening to the podcast it would be helpful if you could send us your feedback on the content, clarity, and message of the podcast to our email:


Thank you for your time and support,

Nikki and Kyra

Grade 8-10 Spring Dance

When I first had the idea of a “Dance” – I did not think people would actually dance. To my surprise, the entire group of students was hopping, doing the limbo and dancing to the “Macarena” by the end of the night.

I really enjoyed the dance and thank Annalisse for all of her help with music and tech support. Thanks to Sr. Lopez, students were also able to do Karaoke in the music room.

Matt, Grade 9

Students brought donations and we were able to raise €165 for Make Chang Possible!”


100 Stars For DP Physics Students

The Diploma physics classes spent Tuesday morning at the House of Astronomy and the MPI for Astronomy in Heidelberg. Thanks to Roger Lee for a fascinating lecture on exoplanets and to our PhD-student guide who showed us two working telescopes and the 100-stars model.

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Grade 1 Consumers And Producers

Grade 1 cut many of the flowers from the flower beds outside, Friday the 13th and sold them for 20 cents each.  The students are learning about how people become consumers, and the stages of production.  Working in the pouring rain, grade 1 was able to fill four buckets of flowers, and earned 43.41 Euros!  Later, we will discuss as a class how we should spend the money to become consumers.

To learn where our products come from, and the steps involved Grade 1 was given the challenge of becoming Tomato Paste producers.  There were given tomatoes, and various tools and had to inquiry and ask questions to try and find out how to make their own tomato paste. Follow one group on their learning journey as they create their final product in three movies in the H.I.S. Facebook Page.

text, photos & films: EM, Grade 1

Soundscapes and Soundportraits

What does Heidelberg sound like? How does H.I.S. sound? If you were to portrait yourself using only sounds, which sounds would you choose?Grade 9&10 German Language & Literature students are taking part in a project supported by the Bavarian Radiostation. The students will be working with a professional media coach next week to produce a Sound Composition.

A small number of schools from different parts of Germany were chosen to take part in the “Klangforscher” project, which is also a competition. In May the students travel to Frankfurt to make professional recordings at the Radio Station. The students started to brainstorm ideas for their Sound Composition in class this week. 

The link will take you to a map of Germany, indicating which schools are taking part in the “Klangforscher” Project. Can you find H.I.S.?



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