Grade_6_GroupIn Grade 6, we’ve been thinking! Recently, some posters have been displayed around school relating to the use of social media. The posters encourage students to THINK before they post something on line or via social media.

This means asking:

T– is it true?

H – is it helpful?

I – is it interesting?

N – is it necessary?

K – is it kind?

Since grade 6 have been exploring digital citizenship, these posters made for an important talking point. We looked at the meanings of these words and brainstormed some synonyms and antonyms. The students then had to reflect on how they’d like to be perceived. Not surprisingly, we all agreed that we would want to be described as honest, helpful and kind people. When imagining being described as the opposite, a mean, boring and dishonest person, students were challenged to think about the choices they make on social media. Here is the slide we created in class:

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 20.13.09

text & slide: HP, Grade 6

A Week of…

…wonderful winter weather is coming to an end, what a treat it was to have sunshine at break time each day.DSC00433DSC00431Early Primary students went on a journey to the forest, which turned out to be a fabulous adventure for the them. They made the most of the beautiful winter conditions, which had turned the forest into a frosty wonderland for them to explore.IMG_1895IMG_1876IMG_1883

Keep warm and have a great weekend.

text & photos: AS

Grade 4 Mission: Save Planet Earth

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 09.05.56We’ve begun a new Unit of Inquiry in Grade 4. Students are geared up and ready for their mission.

The next big challenge on the horizon is an intriguing adventure into the past to give us a brighter future. Students will be researching different forms of energy, the transformation and conservation of energy, and renewable and sustainable energy.
thumb_IMG_1307_1024In this unit, they will be exploring how humans have consumed energy throughout time, so that they can identify and travel back in time to a period when they have the best hope of changing the course we’re on.  Can they save the human race from their ultimate demise?

Their mission was delivered to them as part of a provocation that will be the focus for all of the concepts and skills developed during this unit. Watch the message delivered to the students on the H.I.S. Facebook page.Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 09.06.35

A big thank you to William Ledbetter for helping broadcast this message.

text, photo & film: FW

Micky Maus für alle!

Gr. 4 won prizes from sending in their invention – ideas as part of the “Micky Maus – Erfinderwettbewerb” 

“ Wow, what’s in this big box?”, asked the AGP –German group from Grade 4 when they received the package from Christoph Bergholz, from EGMONT Ehapa Media (Micky Maus – Product Manager). In his letter, Mr. Bergholz informed the students that even though they had very creative ideas for new inventions, they unfortunately didn’t win the first prize. However, all of them received “Trostpreise” (consolation gifts) for taking part in the competition and for their great ideas.

The photos show that the gifts were well received!IMG_0294IMG_0290 IMG_0295

text & photos SH

Please support Nina’s Personal Project!

For my personal project I am researching about Ancient Greece and Modern Greek Orthodox death burial rituals and afterlife beliefs. I was wondering whether anyone who is educated about this topic or someone who is Greek Orthodox would be interested in doing an interview, over email. It would be very helpful as part of my research. You can contact me at:

Grade 10, Nina

News from Isabel

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 16.19.03Hi Guys, I’m Isabel. I came to H.I.S. in Grade 1 and stayed until the end of Grade 4 then left for South Africa.

I live in Durban at the bottom of South Africa on the coast. South Africa is always very hot and humid, like every day. We also are experiencing a drought throughout the year. I live in house on a conservancy.

The wildlife I see from my bedroom every day includes Impala (a type of deer) Bush buck (also deer) lots of different birds and also naughty monkeys. Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 16.19.35I go to Crawford La Lucia School which has many after school activities. I compete in Cross Country (running) and enjoy art club.

We have lovely beaches to surf and go boogie boarding. I also go horse riding twice a week. I ride a pony called Geismo (Giz-mo) she is a nice, pretty fast pony.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 16.19.19We mainly eat sea food like squid, fish, fishcakes and my favourite sushi. The food is very different compared to Germany. I miss Germany very much and hope to see you all soon!

text & photos: Isabel


A Class of Innovative Inventors

pic 1   pic 2
Grade 4 students completed their Unit of Inquiry: Inventors and Inventions. As part of their summative assessment, students used the knowledge they gained to try to persuade an investor to invest into their innovative idea. Students worked through the design process – identifying a problem, researching ideas, sketching a design, building a prototype, experimenting with trial and error, reflecting, evaluating their product and redesigning if necessary.

pic 3   pic 4  

pic 5   pic 6
Students rummaged through our collection of beautiful trash to build their prototypes. 
pic 7Through inquiry and the trial and error process, students were able to develop other useful skills.

At the end of this process, the class wrote instructions for their inventions, used persuasion to create different types of advertisements, and exhibited their inventions at our PYP Assembly. Finally their skills and knowledge were put to the test, as they tried to sell their products to an investor for the chance to market and produce their innovative idea.

You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to check out these creative advertisements:

text & photos: FW

Welcome Back

H.I.S. welcomes everybody back to school – a special “warm” welcome to all new students and their families. The “Winter Wonderland” at H.I.S. was explored by students at break times today. What it was like? Well, picture multiple snow angles, snowmen, glowing cheeks and happy reunions.dsc00421dsc00417dsc00413dsc00419dsc00415

text & photos AS


One Last Field Trip….in 2016

dsc00399Today the MYP students went to the Bowling center in Heidelberg and celebrated the last day of school before the winter break with their friends and some of their teachers.

Have a fantastic break everybody and happy holidays! See you back in 2017.dsc00393dsc00394dsc00389dsc00391dsc00408

text & photos: AS