Annual H.I.S. Charity Event for Waldpiraten Heidelberg

imgres“Mut tut gut” is their motto. The Waldpiraten Camp supports families with children suffering from cancer. http://www.waldpiraten.de/home.html

To help the Waldpiraten by collecting donations the H.I.S. community gathered today for the Waldpiratenrun. Every student, staff member and parent was invited to run, walk or skip as many laps as possible.

Grade 11 students prepared a sponsor form and helped counting laps. The sunshine, warm temperatures and happy faces and pirates made this a successful and fun event. We would like to thank everyone for donating money, time and energy. Special thanks to John Knowles and Grade 11.





text & photos: AS

Viele Mücken, ein Wildschwein und eine Blindschleiche

Die 5. Klasse der H.I.S. erforschte den heimischen Wald

img_4697-1In einem Wald voller Schnecken lauerten laute Schreie von Rishi. Jedoch nicht nur das erwartete die Schüler der 5. Klasse der H.I.S. auf ihrem Waldausflug auf dem Gaisberg.

Es gab viele Aktivitäten in der Natur. Die Schüler sahen, hörten, rochen den Wald, sie ahmten das “Wood Wide Web” erfolgreich nach, sie sammelten Dinge aus dem Wald und gestalteten damit Kunstwerke.

img_4696-1Als alle gerade dabei waren auf die Geräusche des Waldes zu hören, gab es einen lauten Knall. Keiner hatte eine Idee was das war. Erst als sie Spuren im Waldboden sahen hatten sie eine Ahnung: Das waren Wildschweine!

Das waren nicht die einzigen Tiere, die die Schüler an diesem Tag zu Gesicht bekamen. Eine 1 Meter lange Blindschleiche kreuzte ihren Weg und auch ein Eichhörnchen kletterte vor ihnen auf einen Baum. Außerdem wurden die Schüler und Lehrer von Mücken angegriffen.

Auf dem Weg zum Mittagessen durfte jeder sein eigenes Kunstwerk mit Dingen aus dem Wald machen und mitnehmen. Ein erfolgreicher Tag ging damit zu Ende, dass Katherine noch ihre Idee vorstellte, wie die Schüler der 5. Klasse Geld sammeln könnten um die Wälder vor der Abholzung zu retten. Alle stimmten zu: „Ja! Let’s take action!”

Text: Caera, Conrad, Giulietta, Jano, Katherine, Rishi, Riya, Ryan, Zara, Fr. Hohenwarter

img_02772-1 img_4695-1


Grade 4 Extended Field Trip

20160914_144800Grade 4 students went on an extended Field Trip to Hofgut Stammen in Trendelburg.

Here are some comments the student made after the trip:

The EFT was extremely fun, but I really enjoyed the bike excursion because I like biking. I loved the trip! – Filiz

I really liked the secret identity game and canoeing. – Ryan

On the extended field trip I loved the 4 hour bike ride even though I felt like my legs were going to fall off. – Sanju

I really enjoyed bike riding, true it was hard but I also loved getting out into nature and riding around. – Evan 




photos & text: Grade 4

International Fun Fest

At the annual H.I.S. Fun Fest Heidelberg International School opened its doors and invited the school community and guests to take part in various activities. International finger food and juicy drinks made the sunny morning a truly fun event.


Thank you to all parents for providing food, to the PTG for organising the tombola and to all helpers, supporters and organisers!

img_3983 img_3982




World’s Largest Lesson

Grade 5 Students Explore Global And Local Issues

twll-imageThis week IB World Schools have been taking part in the “World’s Largest Lesson”.

Our Grade 5 students are currently exploring ‘How the World Works’ with a focus on Space. For the “World’s Largest Lesson”, the students have been thinking about the issue of Gender Inequality and how that relates to Astronomers and Astrophysicists.

We first explored the involvement of women as Astronomers throughout history. As early as the mid 1700’s, we discovered that a handful of women were making a significant contribution to the field of astronomy. We also connected this to the fact they did not marry and have children. We realized that they were not given the same status as the men they worked with. Nor were they given full recognition for their discoveries.img_4719

Shifting to the present, we explored how half of NASA’s newest Astronaut Class are women, how that ratio has changed over the years and possible reasons for this change.

We also discussed ideas connected to the death of women in Astrophysics and possible solutions to this problem.

Here are some quotes from our Grade 5 students:

“Women are finally equally righted and have a chance to go to Mars.”     Conrad

“Girls have equal rights at NASA since 1978.”    Giuliettaimg_4709

“Women should have the right to go outside and do whatever they want exactly like a man’.    Lihi

“I wouldn’t want to be a girl in 1978 if I wanted to be an astronaut.”    Jano

“Sometimes a man’s win leads to a women’s loss and sometimes a woman’s win leads to a man’s loss”.     Riya


text & photos: Margaret Burch

Harambee Challenge 2017

Are you a runner? A Walker? A parent, teacher, or CAS student? Are you looking for a one-off experience and opportunity? Want to support the community of Mayana, Namibia at the same time? Then this is for you!

The Harambee Challenge 2017 7th-20th April (in Namibia)harambee-logo

This event is a petition run to support the community in Mayana and their needs in the areas of education, health, water supply, electricity, sanitation, and business development (to mention just a few.) They are writing a petition to their government and will bring it from Mayana to Windhoek, the capital, on foot, covering a distance of 745 km.

The Harambee Team is currently made up of 13 people from Mayana aged from 12 to 36 years old. They started training in August 2016 during the MCP Friends Trip. We are looking for people from the MCP network to come and join this event in Namibia in April 2017!

Can you run, walk, or run and walk 25 km in a day? (Starting at sunrise, the coolest part of the day.) Can you repeat that for 3 days in a row? Yes – then contact us now for more information! No, but- you want to support this idea – then contact us now for more information http://make-change-possible-ev.de/

H.I.S. Photo Competition: The winners are….

A big thank you to all photographers for bringing their “summer back to school” by submitting a photograph for the H.I.S. Photo Competition 2016. All photos were special in their own way and the results of the vote clearly showed that they were all popular. Here are the 3 winners:

3rd place: “Sandy Smile” near Quiberon, Brittany

Congratulations to Helmut!


2nd place: “Make Change Possible”, Mayana

Congratulations to Katherine!


1st place: “Giving H.I.S. a leg up during summer break!”

Well done, Marie!



Ninth Annual H.I.S. Waldpiraten Run

img_0547At assembly this morning Early Primary, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students learned more about our upcoming Waldpiraten run. Mr. Knowles, Tyra and Sara (Grade 11 and 12 students) shared information and got primary students really excited about a great cause. We are now ready to run lots of laps to raise money for the Waldpiraten camps that are so valuable for the families of very sick children.

PYP Information Morning

More information on the curriculum and Primary Years Programme will be shared at the PYP Info Morning for parents on Wednesday 28th September, 08:40 – 09:40. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions. We look forward to seeing you there. Allyn Raw, Primary School Principal, and Kate von Gizycki, PYP Coordinator

img_0543 img_0546 img_0540


Action And Service Underway!

thumb_dscn0849_1024Grade 6 and 7 received their introduction to Action and Service this week with a presentation from Frau Kress, the Action and Service Coordinator. Students in Grade 6 and 7 must agree on a class goal that will support the community.

They then work towards this goal over the year, or in the build up to an event, carry out their goal and reflect on it. Frau Kress shared information about the rationale behind the project, some examples of previous projects and some suggestions for this year. 

For more information, you can download the Handbook on the H.I.S. website. Grade 8 and 9, who have to complete smaller group and individual projects, will receive an introduction in the coming week.

For Grade 10, Action and Service forms part of their Personal Project.  We’re looking forward to seeing what great ideas the students come up with!


Flying High – MYP Team Building Trip 2016

On Friday, Grades 6-10 headed to Wiesloch for a team building day. Each class took their turn to work together to tackle the various problems, including a balance beam, a spider’s web, and a high wall.dscn0793

Students also had time to test their nerve on the high ropes course as well as get a friendly, yet competitive, game of beach volleyball going.

The team building activities showed students the need to communicate and cooperate in order to be successful. It took each class a few attempts to figure out the best way to solve the challenges, but they all got there in the end.


“I got stuck 17 times, but I never gave up!” Chiraag

“It was really fun until the end… because it ended!” (Gregor)

“We got to work as a team.” (Marie) dscn0789

“Fun4You was a great place, small, but fun. I really liked the rope course. There were many challenges, the funny part was the team balance activity. I really enjoyed the day.” Shahad, Grade 8

20160909_095757  20160909_102410

photos & text HP & Grade 6