H.I.S. Proudly Presents: The Class of 2017

Our Grade 12 class may have been small in number but they’ve made a big impression on the whole school.  Our congratulations go to Anna, Louna, Sarah, Robin & Mikael on their graduation.Our graduation ceremony had a number of “firsts” this year.  Our graduates hinted at a interest in Star Wars as they entered the ceremony to the sound of the Imperial March. We had donuts delivered to the graduates during an original and inspiring commencement address delivered by William Ledbetter.And we had a four-legged guest in the form of Archie the spaniel. Thanks go out to all the people who made the ceremony a success especially Jade Karali for all the the preparations and arrangements, Birgit Kress for hosting, Kathleen Macdonald and Allyn Raw for presenting and William Ledbetter for his commencement address.  

Thanks also go to all the family, friends and school staff who attended.  It was wonderful to see the large number of students from other grade levels who attended the ceremony, especially an impressive group of Grade 11 students.  

It was also great to have a number of past students attend, JoAnn, Roberto, Haixu and Herman – we loved catching up with them, hearing stories of their experiences at university.

Congratulations to Sarah for receiving the Academic Achievement Award, and to all our graduates, we will miss the Class of 2017 as they embark on the next stage of their lives. We look forward to seeing them again soon.

text: KW, photos: AS

Grade 5 Exhibition Evening 2017

The Grade 5 Exhibition evening was a wonderful event. Twelve (or more)  languages were used when the students gave their introductions. They skillfully used I.T. when making their presentations and communicated with confidence and passion. They shared their knowledge, talked about the action they had done or are doing, engaged their audiences really well, and in some cases, encouraged them to take action. Here is a selection of quotes taken from the students’ written reflections following the Exhibition:

“I had a fair amount of research. I managed to get a good presentation out of my research that I did……… because I already knew a little bit about screen time and I wanted to learn more.”

– Coco Babel

“You are very nervous at the beginning. However, during and after you find it very fun. That was exactly how I felt during the exhibition night.”

  • ­Caera Campbell

“I chose Energy-Efficient Architecture…. because I thought it would be interesting to learn more about energy. I really like presenting.”

Luka Savchuk

 “I feel that the exhibition was a good experience for me because of all the things I learnt along the way (not 0nly the info about engineering but also the experience that I took with me.”

  • Jano Löffler

 “I would like to say thank you to Ms. Williams for being a great mentor and helping me throughout the exhibition. I would also like to say thank you to Mr. Cooper for helping me in the first couple of weeks. I say that this was the best unit in fifth grade and I think that I will continue to say that for the rest of the year and other years too.”

  • Karli Kiesenhofer

 “I was really, really, really excited because I had never really spoken in front of so many people and I was frightened that something terrible would happen.

But at the end everything turned out well.”

  • Moritz Degen

 “This unit has been fantastic. The research was hard but in the end, I was very proud of my work because I didn’t think that I would get it all done on time.”

  • Katherine Franke

 “I got to design my own blog, got to research about things I really wanted to, and had some fun interviews, surveys and fieldtrips.”

  • Lihi Shachar

 “In the exhibition we had a lot of fun because we got to choose the topic we were interested in. I was interested in food and why everyone needs it… my lines of inquiry looked at reasons why people don’t have enough food and choice.”

Giulietta Gilmour

text: MB, Grade 5 photos: AS

MCP Flea Market at H.I.S.

Thank you to all who helped to make the flea market a big success. The final total is still outstanding as a few stand donations came in today or were clarified, but it looks like we will be able to pass on a donation over 800 euros to MCP in addition to some personal donations from stands. Some thank-you’s:

Thank you to the grade 11 students, who were great examples of tireless, dependable volunteers, from moving tables to jumping in and improvising when instructions were’t clear.

Thank you to the incredible advertising before the event, Lisbeth and Betsy, who really got the word out to so many more places this year. And Lillian for spreading the work at PHV.

Thank you to Mollie and Lillian, who filled so many gaps in the tasks on Saturday, from the refreshment stand to clean up. And to all the other parents who carried tables and did general clean up at the end.

Thank you to the staff at H.I.S. who helped by being there on the day, coming early to set up or staying late to finish up or who were patient with our use of their classroom tables.

And another big thank you to Betsy for all the little bits she added, from extra posters, decoration ideas, bringing aluminium foil, etc., to the grade 7 project with the huge clean up needed afterward. The flea market was better because of her work.


What a day last Saturday: I saw great team work between the kids, massive commitment to the cause. And THANK YOU to Betsy for the hard consistent work she made. Spending time covering the city with H.I.S. Flea Market posters. She sacrificed a lot of her family time for us. Thanks again to everybody.


I just wanted to say that the 7th graders had a great turnout of volunteers on Saturday. They worked together as a team, practiced their German, used great selling skills. Many people commented on what a great job they did. Many of the parents showed up as well. Thanks to all of you who donated items, helped set up, and clean up! You were amazing and so supportive. I think the kids had a great day. Mr. Knowles…you can be really proud of the class, they did a great job! 


photos: J.P.Hibler, NP texts: JVG, Laura, Betsy

Action is on the menu!

On Tuesday, May 9th, I did an after school cooking class for my Exhibition topic: The importance of learning how to cook for life.

I chose this form of action, so that students could learn something that they could take home and use later in their life. The activity itself was a blast!

The process took longer than I thought, but in the end, we finished the dish and it was delicious. 

See more about my project and get delicious recipes on my website: https://kgkiesenhofer.wixsite.com/criticalcooking 

Karlin, Grade 5

Willommen bei der Feuerwehr!

Last week grade 2 visited the Fire Department in Wieblingen. We wanted to find out how the firemen work together. Two firemen showed us around and explained everything. It was great fun!“Ich habe gelernt, welche Nummer du anrufen musst, um mit der Feuerwehr zu sprechen. Es ist 112.” “Wir sind mit den Miniautos gefahren und wir durften eine Runde fahren. Ich war erster, Arata war zweiter und Ziad war vierter.”“Nicht alle Feuerwehrmänner haben einen Piepser, aber die Freiwillige Feuerwehr. Warum? Sie haben ihn, da sie noch einen anderen Beruf haben und wenn ein Feuer ist, können sie so schnell gerufen werden.”

“Ich halte den Feuerwehrschlauch und ich habe 14 Liter in den Eimer spritzen können Das war sehr schwer.”“Ich habe gelernt, dass es auch eine Kinderfeuerwehr gibt. In Heidelberg gibt es ungefähr 500 Feuerwehrleute, davon arbeiten 100 bei der Berufsfeuerwehr. Die restlichen 400 Feuerwehrleute arbeiten bei der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr ehrenamtlich, also ohne Geld zu bekommen.”“Ich weiß jetzt, warum die Feuerwehrleute manchmal einen oder zwei Streifen auf ihrem Helm habe.”

text & photos: SST

Sagen werden wahr!

Die 5. Klasse präsentierte Sagen in der Altstadt

Am 2. Mai machten die Schüler der 5. Klasse zusammen mit ihren Deutschlehrerinnen einen Ausflug in die Altstadt und an den Neckar in Heidelberg.Die Schüler der AGP Klasse hatten im Unterricht Sagen gelesen und bearbeitet und sollten an dem Tag diese Sagen den Schülern der anderen Gruppe präsentieren.

Das Ziel war, dass die Schüler der GAL Gruppe die Sagen verstehen, mehr über Sagen lernen und mehr über Heidelberg erfahren. Dazu wurden ihnen nach den Präsentationen Fragen gestellt, die sie beantworten mussten.

Die Präsentationen fanden an den Orten statt, um die es in der Sage ging. Die Präsentationen waren sehr kreativ: Von Kurzpräsentationen, einem 1- Frau- Theaterstück und Rollenspiel mit Wassergeistern war vieles vertreten.

Alle Schüler hatten sehr viel Spaß und hoffentlich kennen die Schüler Sagen in und um Heidelberg!

C.C. & G.G.D

Exhibition & Football – FIS Students Visit H.I.S.

The Exhibition is an event at International Schools in which Grade 5 students participate. After several weeks of preparation and research of a topic of their choice, the students are ready to present to the school community and visitors.A group of visitors came to H.I.S. on Tuesday 9 May in connection with our Exhibition and Football matches. For a couple of years now, Frankfurt International School Wiesbaden Campus has had their Grade 5 students participate in our Grade 5 Exhibition and football matches.This year we also welcomed Grade 4 students from both H.I.S. and Wiesbaden to be our Exhibition audience and to offer feedback to the students. This event is held a week before the students make an evening presentation to families and mentors. It is a time for the students to try out what they have planned and prepared.

After feedback, it may be that the students re-work some things before the next set of presentations. The Exhibition event on 8 May was a great success.

Lisa, the teacher of Grade 5 at Wiesbaden commented, “It was so lovely to feel the enthusiasm and passion coming from so many of your students. A very inspirational day!”

In what is becoming an annual fixture the students of Grade 4 and 5 played a friendly football match at Sportzentrum West. All H.I.S. students who wanted to play were given adequate time on the pitch and also modelled our slightly over-sized H.I.S. football shirts (originally bought for students up to 9th Grade).

It was a good, fair game in nice weather and it was a real treat to play on proper grass. FIS Wiesbaden ran out 3-1 winners, but it was a close fought contest. H.I.S. students also had 15 minutes at the end to play their own G4 v G5 match. It was a fitting end to a fun day. We are in the process of organising the return Exhibition visit and football match to Wiesbaden for early June.

More on the exhibition this week in Grade 5 This week Grade 5 has had the opportunity to work with Erik Anderson. Erik is one of our parents. He gave a presentation to the class on ‘Presentation Skills’. He then worked with each student offering suggestions to improve their performance and valuable feedback on their presentations. The students were highly appreciative of this opportunity to work with Erik. He in turn was given some very positive feedback from the class.

If you would like to come along to the Exhibition, plan to arrive by 18:00 on Thursday 18 May if you are a Grade 5 family member. Alternatively, you can experience the Exhibition between 8:30-10:00 the following morning.

text & photos: Margaret Burch Grade 5 Teacher.

German Evening – Deutscher Abend

Am deutschen Abend, der jedes Schuljahr Ende April stattfindet geben alle MYP Schüler und ihre Deutschlehrer einen Einblick in das tägliche Geschehen im Deutschunterricht an der H.I.S.

Egal ob sie gerade erst angefangen haben Deutsch zu lernen oder ob sie fortgeschrittene Lerner oder Muttersprachler sind, alle Schüler haben sich am Programm des Abends beteiligt.Der Deutsche Abend 2017 glänzte durch ein abwechslungsreiches Programm, neben Sketchen und Ratespielen, gab es filmische Beiträge und Präsentationen.

Yonatan und Joseph führten zweisprachig durch den Abend und erläuterten dem Publikum die einzelnen Programmpunkte.

Eine Deutschklasse hat Stop-Motion Filme über berühmte deutsche Erfindungen hergestellt, 2 Beispiele sind auf unserer Facebook Seite zu finden.

text & photos: AS