How To Make A Great Piece Of Artwork

Art is a breathtaking thing. To make good abstract art you need a white canvas, colourful paint, thick and thin paintbrushes, sharpened pencils, erasers and a clean palette. First, you will need to prepare your tidy set-up. Next you should sketch what you want to make. After, that you should choose the colours that you want to use. Once you’ve done that, you should start painting your creative piece of artwork. Before you enjoy your piece of heartwarming art, you must clean up. Finally you can enjoy your epic artwork.

By: Lucia, Grade 4

Reflective And Responsible Selfies

Grade 4 has been inquiring into their responsibility in their on-line presence and how media shapes what we think. As part of this inquiry, students have been brainstorming what they want people to see and think when they post pictures of our class.

 As part of our inquiry, we need your help. Each day, one member of our Grade 4 classroom will be responsible of posting a selfie. We ask that you post a comment about what the pictures says to you about our classroom.

 Day 1 Photo: Lovin’ Grade 4 by Ms. Williams

International Football

Heidelberg Hedgehogs travelled to Wiesbaden to play the Frankfurt Warriors to play Football in the warm November sunshine.

Although the Hedgehogs lost the match 7-1, the students played their best and enjoyed the experience. Kengo from Grade 7 scored the Hedgehogs goal and they were the better team at the end of the match.  21 students from Grades 6 and 7 all played their part and were happy to get lollipops at the end of the match.

text: JK, photo: AR





MYP Open Classroom Event

All parents, students and staff are welcome to join us for the MYP English Language and Literature Open Classroom Event.

With Grade 6 as an example, Mr. Ledbetter is going to explain how Language and Literature is taught in the Middle Years Programme.

We hope to see you tomorrow (Wednesday) after school in the MPR.

Anke Schumacher

MYP Co-ordinator


Día De Los Muertos

Every year Mexican people remember their lost loved ones by celebrating “Día de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead). The celebration has a long tradition dating back several thousand years.

When you first hear and see about this tradition it might remind you of similar celebrations in Europe but it is different. People dress up as skeletons, paint their faces, dance and sing in the streets to show their respect and love for deceased family members.

Gracias to Mr Lopez and Grade 9 for teaching students and staff why and how the Mexican Day of the Dead is celebrated. It was fascinating to listen to students and teachers speak Spanish during the presentation.  Secondary Students and teachers had their faces painted in the traditional way whereas Primary students made traditional masks.Grade 9 presented their own “Literary Calveras” to a group of primary and secondary students and teachers. These poems are short, humorous texts traditionally presented and read aloud on the Day of the Dead. The poems make fun of the living in a sarcastic way.


examples of literary calveras: Nici, Joseph

photos: SHB, AS

Make Change Possible

At the last coffee morning Grade 12 students Benita, Leah, Rasmus and Tom gave a brief insight into the projects they carried out on their trip to Mayana in the summer. Would you like to know more? You have the chance to listen to their stories at the MCP Dinner next week.


St. Martin Lantern Parade At H.I.S.

Laterne, Laterne, Sonne, Mond und Sterne…!Singing German traditional Saint Martin songs, Early Primary students proudly carried their “Elmar” lanterns through the whole school. They courageously entered classrooms and offices and presented their German skills and beautiful hand crafted lanterns. A big thank you to the EP students (and their German teachers) for this pleasant surprise!

text & photos: AS