H.I.S. Merchandise Sale

If you are interested in purchasing H.I.S. merchandise you will be able to place your order next week. Nilüfer from the PTG will be waiting for you after school:

 Tuesday – Thursday 15.10-15.30 pm 

Supporting Refugee Children at Patrick Henry Village

H.I.S. Parent Volunteers

Eins-zwei-drei! Skip, jump, push. Shove. Cry. A babble of different languages. Gestures and signs. Ich auch. Me. Me. Me.

These sounds, made by a shifting population of refugee children housed at Patrick Henry Village are similar to those heard every day on the H.I.S. playground. But these kids, newly arrived in Germany after a long journey from Syria, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Albania, Eritrea and other places, have no school and no certain future. Time hangs heavy for them and their parents.
(photo: A Family from Bosnia at PHV, Stuttgarter Zeitung, Philipp Rothe) 

The kids of Patrick Henry Village are perhaps more fortunate, however, than other refugee children in Germany. The children’s news channel, logo.de, this week showed a news report, highlighting the lack of resources for refugee children in reception centres around the country: http://www.tivi.de/fernsehen/logo/artikel/43278/index2.html 

But at PHV, there is a dedicated 
playroom with two full time teachers, where parents are able to leave their children for a few hours each day. 

Some H.I.S. parents have begun to volunteer there whenever is convenient, signing up each time for a 2 hour slot. We play with the children, read to them, teach them games. It’s unstructured and under resourced and extra volunteers are always welcome. Please follow the steps shown in the presentation in PTG area of the H.I.S. internal section on the website, if you would like to get involved. http://www.hischool.de/Internal-Section/Parent-Teacher-Group-PTG and also let me know.

“It’s ok here” a seven year old from Kosovo told me last week, in surprisingly good English. “But I don’t like the food”. Another reminder that children are the same, wherever they come from. Picky eaters! But by the accident of being born in more prosperous lands, these are not our children. We are lucky.

text: Rosalind

IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition

We were thrilled to share in our Grade 12 student, Sara El Ali’s, final IBDP Visual Arts exhibition which was planned to take place on her birthday.

Sara has created a very thoughtful body of work exploring the experiences of young people across a variety of different cultures.

Sara’s practice was also heavily influenced by her own personal experiences of coming to Germany as a refugee from Syria. Her work is poignant & engaging; it is in itself a great example of how one can succeed in the face of adversity. Well done Sara!

artwork: Sara, Grade 12, text: KMO

IB Bilingual Diploma Awarded to Chiara

Congratulations to Chiara who achieved a personal goal by gaining her IB Diploma.

For the past 12 months, along with studying, Chiara has been working at a Kindergarten and a hotel in Heidelberg.

She has plans to study either in the Netherlands where she has already been accepted in universities or here in Germany.

We are very proud of Chiara’s dedication and determination to succeed and we wish her all the best for the future.

text & photo: KW

Junge Universität – KINDERUNI

Malek, Ryan and Mohammed Elgihani participated in the the “Junge Universität KINDERUNI Wissenschaft entdecken” this past weekend.  The Elgihani family proudly represented H.I.S. in the day long event where they attended workshops and lectures on various scientific issues affecting our world.  Malek and Ryan both were able to ask professors questions about their research and meet with them after the event.Thank you Malek, Ryan and Mohammed for reaching out into the Heidelberg community and broadening your scientific knowledge with students from other schools.

If you want to participate in a KINDERUNI event in the future, be sure to visit the website:  http://www.uni-heidelberg.de/junge-uni/

Screen Time Management Workshop

What do smart phones, computers and t.v. do to our children’s brains? What can we do to limit the impact on their education?

Did you know that there was a direct correspondence found between increased screen time and decreased school success?

Come find out why!

Friday March 31st at 8:30 (German room on the ground floor)

All parents welcome! This workshop will be presented by Lance and Susan, members of the H.I.S. Student Support Team.

H.I.S. Street Arts Festival

During Environment Week, on Tuesday 28th March after school, we will be holding our first Street Arts Festival! We would like students, teachers and parents to take part.

Can you …

Play an instrument

Perform tricks, such as juggling

Be a statue

Draw or sculpt

Help create the rooftop mandala

… or perform any other form of street art?

If you are interested, please email nick.parkes@hischool.de, or add your name to the sign up sheets in school.

We need an audience, too! We would love you to visit the festival and toss a few coins into the hats of performers. The money collected will go towards APREMARVI, which is an organisation working to protect the Atlantic Rainforest in Brasil – see www.apremavi.org.br/en.

Please put this date into your calendars!

Happy Pi Day

Grade 4 enjoyed the second day of Math Week by celebrating Pi Day. The students listened to part of a reading about Sir Cumference, his son Radius and their adventures. This led to the students using their mathematical skills to multiply and divide fractions in order to bake pies. They learnt how to double and halve fractions and quickly noticed the pattern involved. After learning about Sir Cumference, the students went on a circle hunt to find various sizes of circles. They measured the circumferences and diameters of the circles and then divided the circumferences by the diameters. What do you think they found? In this grade, students are allowed to have their pie and eat it too. The grade 4 students ended Pi Day by finishing the story and eating their pie!

text & photos: FW, CD

24 Game Tournament

Today Grade 3,4 and 5 took part in a 24 Game Tournament organised by their teachers at H.I.S. Grade 7 students acted as score keepers and judges.

The instructions for the mathematical game are simple: Make the number 24 from the four numbers on a game card. You can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Use all four numbers on the card, but use each number only once. You do not have to use all four operations. All number nines have a red center, so you can tell a nine from a six. https://www.24game.com/t-about-howtoplay.aspx Can you solve the cards above? Here are the students who were most successful at problem solving today, the lucky winners of the H.I.S. 24 Game tournament 2017: 

text & photos: AS